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Whats new in version
  • bug #4516 Odd export behavior
  • bug #4519 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property \'success\' of null
  • bug #4520 sql.js: cannot read property
  • bug #4521 Initially allowed chart types do not match selected data
  • bug #4518 Export to SQL: CREATE TABLE option AUTO_INCREMENT ignored
  • bug #4522 Duplicate column names while assigning index
  • bug #4487 Export of partitioned table does not import
  • bug server_privileges.js: cannot read property
  • bug #4527 Importing ODS files with column names having trailing spaces fails
  • bug #4413 Navigation Error in Nav Tree for Search Results Past the First Page
  • bug functions.js: Cannot read property \'replace\' of undefined

Publisher review:
phpMyAdmin allows you to manage either a MySQL server or just a single MySQL database. It is certainly the best-known interface to create a MySQL database.It is a clear, simple and above all functional interface that allows beginners to manage virtual database (inserts, updates, and any other changes to databases). phpMyAdmin supports the formulation of queries directly in SQL, web developers and save valuable time.

phpMyAdmin has an intuitive and customizable interface that allows to create, copy, and move your databases, edit your tables and fields, execute an SQL statement, manage keys and privileges or to export your documents in different formats simple and quick.

  • PHP 5.2 or later
  • MySQL 5.0 or later

Operating system:
Mac OS X

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